Prof. Dr. Shah Monir Hossen

Bangladesh Non Communicable Diseases Forum






“It is quite impossible to ensure sustainable development without addressing inequities in NCDs care services”

Along with the world, Bangladesh has also been bearing the largest NCD burden. The out-of-pocket expenditures and loss of income of individuals are hampering the reduction of poverty together with sustainable development. The suffering and resources we pay off because of our promiscuous health care system and unhealthy lifestyle are immeasurable. As NCDs account for most of the death-cases in Bangladesh, it has become a dire need to take action for its prevention and management. In the pursuit of getting out of this indigent situation, BNCDF (Bangladesh non-communicable disease forum) works to contribute to a community order where people would live in an equitable and healthy environment with their maximum potential through prevention treatment and control of NCDs. From the ground of its presidency, I believe, with its ingenuity and inventiveness, BNCDF is to serve this purpose as effectively as possible and the profoundness of BNCDF’s purpose and scheme of eliminating suffering from millions of people’s lives will encourage others to work for a world free of NCDs.