“Our PRIORITIES would fail to overtake obstacles unless ACTIONS carry it out”

To take forward and mirror the priorities in the field of Non-Communicable Diseases, advocacy is a must, aiming to incorporate values formation together with raising awareness of pressing issues concerning Non-Communicable Diseases.

“Advocacy leads to initiating well-thought actions deliberately to influence private and public policy selection by taking position on a priority issue in regards to ensuring greater benefit in the concerned ground”

By mobilizing the forums networks while participating in the key national and international advocacy events, the forum reaches directly to the decision-makers and other authorities. Securing an NCDs-friendly policy environment, especially for poor people, is a key aspect of BNCDF’s mission. Thus, advocacy is the main focus of this platform in response to the imperative health and development needs of the people living with NCDs. As one of the leading advocates in the field of NCDs related to public health and social development, BNCDF is engaged in regular policies and exclusive dialogues with the government of Bangladesh, its representatives, global and national NCDs stakeholders, and other relevant concerns.

To advocate various pressing issues related to the NCDs service delivery and awareness campaign, we worked together with Global NCD Alliance, International Diabetes Federation, and World Heart Federation together with other vigorous NGOs, INGOs, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and NCDs stakeholders. Private sector and patient group


  • BNCDF, in the area of advocacy, has established a shaped platform where the priorities in regards to the NCDs and PLWNCDs are being observed, discussed, and advocated straightly to the concerned authority who can contribute to making a difference.
  • Supported actions on NCDs both at regional, national, and international levels while taking forward the commonly shared agendas by organizing activities that reach the local government and general directors of health.
  • Six-monthly advocacy activities have been implemented, supported by the Global NCD Alliance, with the participation from government, development partners, NCDs patients group, health professionals, NCDs stakeholders, CSOs, and media professionals to ensure a continuous process of preventing and controlling NCDs in the context of COVID-19 in Bangladesh.
  • Provides supports to respective associations and networks to organize seminars and conferences for the prevention and control of NCDs.
  • With an intention to mirror the exact terror laying under the unrecognizing surface of NCDs and the disaster it can bring, BNCDF operates several social media floors to reach not only the authoritative figures but the general people too who are the main victim, paying both psychical, psychological, and financial expenses.
  • We encourage young people to learn about NCDs and take responsibility for the NCDs
  • patients living in their own families, enhancing their knowledge and helping in its management.
  • Advocates mobilizing resources and investment in the most prevailing NCDs, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental health, for the quality care, treatment, drug access, and prevention in Bangladesh.