With its combination of a vibrant young team with veteran expertise around the country, BNCDF intends to assist communities and services agencies to use research evidence on NCDs in their decision-making. Accentuating on social, formative, and clinical research on NCDs, BNCDF seeks to translate evidence into policy and practice. The long-term aim of BNCDF research is to promote research in public health and to strive for better utilization of the results of such research. To better understand the current state of health and development, BNCDF provides comparable, meticulous, and current assessment studies.,

Periodic need-based and issues-based research activities are also carried out for the prevention and control of NCDs in Bangladesh.

BNCDF has the expertise to measure trends in diseases, epidemiological transformation, and risk factors by analyzing national and international data.

BNCDF provides support to conduct need- and-issue-based research within the context of Bangladesh to prevent and control NCDs.

Eminence together with other stakeholders of BNCDF, as a national coordinator, recently participated in a multi-country research project, named the Status of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) among COVID-19 Patients in Bangladesh, with World Heart Federation (WHF) to describe the CVD outcome of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, and to identify their CVD risk factors associated with the poor in-hospital prognosis.