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People living with NCDs must be active protagonists to the global and national NCD responses in shaping their own health. Besides, with more than 160 million people, Bangladesh is witnessing an increase in the number of people living with NCDs. Being one of the leading causes of death and disabilities, NCDs are contributing 67% (NCD Country Profile, 2018) to the total number of death in Bangladesh. Besides, the chronic nature of NCDs extends both patient’s experience of suffering and duration of treatment, creating a high economic burden on them. National NCD Conference is being organized to reflect on the issues that are fueling NCDs and its risk factors, and to integrate commitments to Act-on-NCDs. The agenda will explore multisectoral and community engagement, including critical issues relating to gender.

Conference Objectives

    • To share knowledge and update on NCDs in Bangladesh and globally
    • To exchange views and promote global charter on PLWNCDs in Bangladesh
    • To ensure scientific publication of the NCDs related research activities in Bangladesh
    • To exchange views on the progress of NCDs related multi-sectoral action plan in Bangladesh
    • To develop an opportunity for individual networking among the researcher, academicians, policymakers and others
    • To gather recommendations for a strong partnership among government, private sector, NGOs and CSOs for NCDs in Bangladesh
    • To explore the scopes of NCDs related research and surveillance activities and develop a NCDs research and surveillance for Bangladesh

Conference Thematic Areas

Conference Thematic Areas

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Conference Co-organizer