Injuries claim over 5 million lives, with more than 90% of those occurring in low- and middle-income countries (LMICS). Unintentional injuries such as drowning, road traffic injuries, falls, and burns account for 72% of all injury deaths. Each year 30,000 Bangladeshi children die, 13,000 children are permanently disabled. Drowning is by far the greatest danger to children in Bangladesh and is claiming 17,000 lives per year. High numbers of Bangladeshis die in fatal road accidents every day. At least 304 people were killed and 492 injured in 273 road accidents across the country this September. As many as 4,628 people lost their lives and 8,621 others were injured in 4,219 accidents in 2019, while 4,580 were killed and 10,828 injured in 2018.