Dr. Shamim Hyder Talukder

Member Secretary

Bangladesh Non Communicable Diseases Forum






In Bangladesh, 67% of total death is directly contributed to NCDs, being cardiovascular disease and diabetes the major causes, that turns 886,000 deaths a year (Global NCDs Status Report 2010, WHO). Though the death rate and people’s suffering owing to NCDs has become lofty, one of the major fields like NCDs is yet to get enough focus in Bangladesh. Because of maladministration and resource scarcity, the inflexibility of getting proper treatment has become an open secret in our society. The responsibility I sense and hold in the prevention and treatment of NCDs has turned out as a privilege to act on NCDs through BNCDF. NCDs have been the most hurtful predicament in healthcare which conveys the significance of our contribution to the health sector to remove the fright of NCDs from society in the coming years.

“patient rights, cost-effectiveness, healthy-diet, and physical activity would not just be the words but a living reality in people’s lives”

In order to accommodate the era of sustainable development, the process demands sustained advocacy effort together with its scaling-up to place NCDs in Governments’ priority. Furthermore, less access to knowledge and information has made the progress uneven and variable at the country level. BNCDF, mainly as an Advocacy and Research platform, aims to bring back the assurance of proper treatment and people’s trust in the health care system by seeking the obstacles in the overall healthcare area and implementing advocacy to eradicate them.