The outbreak of COVID-19 has made Bangladesh stand in front of the mirror and see its fragile unethical health care system. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are advancing their claws like the speed of light – pulling the mortality up to the highest among those with NCD co-morbidities during the pandemic.

Due to the ignorance in clinical management; risk communication management; and the health care services of NCDs, the situation is becoming progressively worse, especially of the parents living with NCDs who are observed to be vulnerable to the coronavirus and are not conscious of the measures that should be taken during the pandemic to control the deteriorating physical condition.

Hence in the Global NCDs Action Week, Bangladesh Non-Communicable Diseases Forum (BNCDF) and Eminence organised a day-long virtual event on NCDs recently to ensure accountability of different stakeholders, spread awareness in people, and encourage the young generation to contribute their part for the parents living with NCDs.

Meanwhile, to improve quality treatment, care, and support services for people living with NCDs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bangladesh Non-Communicable Diseases Forum is implementing a series of virtual policy dialogues and discussion on NCDs with health care professionals and stakeholders to share their viewpoint to prevent the huge upcoming burden on health care service in Bangladesh.

Published in The Daily Star
12:00 AM, September 27, 2020.